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Less than 3 years ago, we were teachers. Ryan was driving a school bus, coaching, and at the field all the time to make enough money to get by. Today we own a thriving wedding photography business, with a team of 16,  and moved to a dream town! Now, we want to teach YOU how to do the same.

If you are a photographer looking to bring your business to the next level, I can't recommend Anna & Ryan enough! They are the BEST COACHES! Last wedding season, I found myself extremely overwhelmed and unorganized. This season, I will feel the complete opposite, because Anna and Ryan have helped me to put so many things in place on the business side. They truly let me go over EVERYTHING with my business with them. They helped me with pricing, editing faster, contracts, and putting systems in place to help my overall business not take up as much time, allowing me to get "free time" back. I have already seen a huge change in my business after two rounds of coaching. I have faster response times to inquires, faster turn around times getting pictures to clients, and overall a greater feeling of confidence when interacting with my clients. In order for business coaching to work, you need to have full trust and transparency with your coaches. Anna and Ryan make it very easy to do this! They are an amazing support team and truly want to help and see you and your business grow! - SIOBHAN

& success From our past coaching community

Anna and Ryan... it almost seems overwhelming writing a review for you because there just aren't enough words for everything I want to say about my coaching experience with y'all!!! Since I started my business in 2019, I have spent a LOT on education, and I genuinely can say there has not been a single better investment in myself or my business than coaching with Refuge. Anna + Ryan were completely transparent during coaching calls, the follow up was like nothing I've ever experienced, and I truly feel like they helped me bring my business to the next level in just three coaching calls. I feel more confident in my editing process, my client experience, my pricing - and I truly feel like even though our coaching calls are over (for now - I'll be back), I still have two amazing cheerleaders in my corner. Whether you just got started or you're a little farther along in your business looking to level up, I truly believe there is no better investment than Refuge Education!! - WYETH

& success From our past coaching community

Anna and Ryan, if you only knew the impact you made in our business. We remember signing up for your coaching program right before quitting our corporate jobs and we just knew it was the best decision we made. In only 10 months we went from just the two of us to a team of 6 and honestly you both were the reason why we are here today. Not only did you give us all the knowledge we needed but also the courage to start implementing an associate program, hiring an assistant, and on top of it all, adding a videographer. That’s what makes you guys such amazing coaches, because you truly care about the people you are helping. We cannot thank you enough and we’ll be forever grateful for you two!! 

-Autumn & Jendry

& success From our past coaching community

When I first started working with Anna and Ryan to start an associate program for my wedding photography business, I had NO idea where to start! They were such a bright light in an area I felt SO lost at first! They made what felt overwhelming, so simple to understand! There were so many little tips and tricks they gave me, that resulting in dramatic changes in my business! We started our associate team only five months ago, and we're already 70% towards our goal for 2022!
Mind. Blown. This has allowed me to provide options for potential clients, love and serve even more couples with an amazing wedding photography experience, and spend more time with my growing family on the precious weekends. If you're considering Refuge to help you build more revenue in your business, while having more time for your own family, RUN- don't walk!

Kaitlin Mendoza

& success From our past coaching community

"After talking with Anna & Ryan about the potential of growing our team, and gaining confidence from them in what that could even look like for us, we booked a $15k shoot for a team we didn't yet have. That's when we had no choice but to implement a team...and FAST...Anna & Ryan helped us through every step of getting a strong team up and running in just ONE MONTH!! They laid out a clear blueprint, walked us through their organized systems and thorough processes, and best of all - they left us with complete confidence that we could build the perfect team for our business! We've been consistently booking our team since then and truthfully, we could not have done it without them!
-Erica & Jon

& success From our past coaching community

Wow! What isn't there to say about these two! Refuge Photography were my business coaches for a quarter of a year and I can't thank them enough for everything they helped me with in my business! These two truly want to see you and your business succeed! They honestly don't hold anything back and are willing to share anything and everything they can from their experiences. Plus, they are the best people and I feel like such close friends now! I highly recommend them as business coaches! You definitely won't be disappointed making the investment to bring them on to help you! Can't thank you two enough :) - HEATHER

& success From our past coaching community

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We have a passion for helping people and we want to be a refuge for our community of photographers! We love to partner up with passionate photographers, lift them up, walk alongside them and guide them where they are hurting and struggling.



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Create a client experience where your couples feel loved and confident throughout the process! From initial inquiries to their big day, we'll teach you how to create a process that gets you referrals and testimonials that help you grow!

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A virtual 1:1 (or shall we say 1:2) coaching program led by Anna + Ryan! We will customize the program to fit your needs specifically. We'll ask you what you are most struggling with and create your mentorship around that. Don't know where to start? No worries! Below are our favorite topics to guide on...

In less than 18 months we went from being public school teachers to full time wedding photographers (with over 40 weddings booked!). We want to teach you how to effectively get booked months in advance + create steady income.

Stop spending hours on Pinterest to figure out the best poses, or fighting with lighting during the editing stage. We'll walk you through our signature process that saves you time and will make you work smarter and not harder!