Change is a CHOICE. A very courageous one. He commands us "Be strong & courageous'. 
Easier said than done, right?
But what if I told you, He's not just telling you to do something - He's providing every helping hand you need to guide you to the purpose He has for you - He's just giving YOU the CHOICE to take hold or choose to walk alone.

You can choose to believe that things can't change - true happiness doesn't exist - that your circumstances control you - that life is suppose to be hard - or that you don't have the choice.

Or you can CHOOSE to LEARN how all of the above are just simply limiting beliefs.  YOU HAVE THE CHOICE. And we're HERE TO HELP friend. We want to walk alongside you as you discover a life far better than you can every ask, think, or imagine.  We're here to help you 'PREPARE YOUR MINDS FOR ACTION" {1 Peter 1:13}

Will you choose to grab ahold of our helping hand - as we guide you to the purpose & promises that await you while at the same time being completely present and grateful in your current circumstances. Or will you choose to stay in the lie that you have to figure it all out and do it all on your own.    

Success doesn't just happen by chance. It happens by choice.  And the success YOU WERE CREATED FOR doesn't leave you feeling overwhlemed, exhausted, or empty... We aren't just saying this friend... we're living it...

can we be real with you?

success without fufillment is failure.

We know this, because we learned it to be true too.  You see, just a couple months ago, we were in a season that the world would describe as the epitome of success. We had our dream home - business was better than ever before - we had an incredible team that was serving us so well, allowing us not to be working - and we had to the most beautiful baby girl we’d ever seen entrusted to us. In the world’s eyes - we had it all. But it was actually one of our least happiest seasons we’ve ever walked through. We were still searching for more - and feeling like failures with each passing day that we couldn’t accomplish the next level we were reaching for and honestly even struggling to know what success meant for us anymore. Honestly wondering how we would ever be able to change it - we were too exhausted to even do the things we 'wanted' to do - and living in a state of overwhelm with what we 'had' to do.

But we're living proof change can happen

and it all happened because we made the choice.

for THINGS to change YOU have to CHANGE.

Change didn't happen because our circumstances changed - because here's the reality:
- we're still hopeful that consistent full nights sleeps are in our future.
- yes, we are past the newborn days , but every season has its own new challenges. {and every parent with a toddler/teenager said AMEN}
- we have more unknowns than we've ever had before about the future.
- Financial freedom or security is not our current reality.


And friends we're here to tell you, that has changed EVERYTHING.

- we're completing more in one day than we use to in a week - and it has nothing to do with our caffeine intake or need to check off our to do list.  We're ending our days exhausted from being so alive (it's like one of those things you think are cliche until you truly feel it to understand it for yourself.)
- we're not viewing our problems as set backs but rather growth opportunities to pull us in such a way that is propelling us forward like never before.  (CHANGE can happen over-night)
- we have more confidence than we've ever had walking in to new seasons with so many unknowns.
- we learned how to turn off the belief that "I will be happy when' and turn on the truth that joy can exist in the chaos.
- we're doing more than ever before because we're becoming more than ever before.
- we've finally created a life we don't need an escape from  

We chose to ASK FOR HELP.

 We chose to realize that money is an abundant resource that we can get back but time is scarcity and passing quickly - we weren't willing to sacrifice it (or the time we had with our daughter who was growing up right before our eyes) any longer.

We chose to make a decision based off of where we wanted to be, not where we currently were.

We chose to 


life changing Experience 

And we're not just saying that, we genuinely mean it.

So much so, that we want to walk alongside you and cheer you on as you choose to transform your life.

If you enroll in the course that CHANGED OUR LIVES, so you can change yours too! We are throwing our hand out to YOU to walk hand in hand and walk alongside you through it. We want you to know you're not alone - and when life tries to come at you strong, we want to hold on tighter. We want to hold your hand to not just trying to be happy and successful but to truly living a joy-filled and purposeful life. 

We aren't just saying this will change your life, we BELIEVE it will. 

Our belief in this program and in YOU is so strong that we want to offer our support and mentorship to you completely FREE.  Because there's not a price we can put on getting to be a helping hand to you finally experiencing a life that is more than you can ask, think, or imagine.

and friend, we want the same 


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We weren't made to do life alone and making changes- especially life changing ones-is going to take being surronded by supportive, encouraging, and genuine friends who want your success as much as they want their own. We want to provide this safe space for you for the next 6 months - not just as you complete the program, but as you walk through the realities of life. We want to cheer for you , cry with you, and support you along with a community of like-minded friends that are WIRED for success.

Because everyone's purpose is different and you'll learn how to redefine success for YOURSELF in this program, we also want to offer you a one on one call with us to personally help YOU with putting what you've learned in to action!

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If nothing changes.... NOTHING CHANGES

But because we value you and the change that is on the other side of this choice - we are gifting it all to you for Free!!**


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