Downtown Sunset Engagement Session | Hattiesburg, Mississippi


May 7, 2019

A Long Day at Work

You energetically walk into work knowing that it’s going to be a great day. Things don’t go as planned.. it turns into one of “those days” at work. It’s long, really long. One of those where you can’t wait to get out of the office. You need energy, you need life, you need love, you need a Refuge. We’ve all had these days at work, right?! But how good does it feel to get home and walk into the loving arms of your better half? It’s almost as good as all the hugs and kisses from our little four legged friends 🐶😊  There’s just something about it.. Being with the people that make you feel loved, valued, and like you’re perfect just the way you are!

Getting Home

It’s so obvious that Stephen and Baxter are each other’s “home”. ❤️ We saw it yesterday, and it was beautiful. The way they looked at one another, with love in their eyes and joy on their faces. Like joy literally coming off of their faces! They were both amazing on their own, but when they were together.. I mean can you even with these two?! Baxter felt loved and safe when she was in his arms. And ya’ll, the way Stephen walked with her it was obvious that she respects and loves him, his smile shows it! Their love was genuine, their love was real.

A Refuge

We had such a great time yesterday with Stephen and Baxter at their engagement session in Downtown Hattiesburg! We laughed.. A lot! We smiled until we couldn’t help but giggle. Oh, and we got to see Stephen give Baxter the sweetest forehead kisses as we would change locations. We’re not crying, you’re crying! 😭 Ya’ll we watched all of this after Stephen had a long morning at work – on the Mississippi Coast and drove all the way to Hattiesburg for their engagement session. Because Stephen knew how important this was to Baxter and used their session as an opportunity to love her!

For You

As we finished the session with our cheeks hurting from smiling and laughing so much, we heard “it”. We heard exactly why we love what we do. Stephen leaned over and told us that even though the day had been long, they were looking forward to their session all day – just so they could spend time with us! Tears you guys, we mean all the tears! Because that’s why we’re wedding photographers! Our couples know that they have a Refuge in us. Are we photographers, absolutely. But you guys we love investing in our couples impacting their marriages! And becoming friends is the best bonus 🤗 

Stephen and Baxter

We loved every minute of our session with you two and we are counting down the days for your perfect wedding at The Venue at Roseoak!  Because when you’re a Refuge Couple, we know your wedding day is going to be absolutely perfect for one simple reason, you’re marrying your best friend!

Love and Big Hugs,

Anna and Ryan

  1. Stephanie Walters says:

    O.M.Gah!!! I’m literally crying like a baby! These are absolutely PERFECT and I can’t wait for Refuge to capture their special day! The love you saw in their eyes is everyday with them. It is so real and so deep and it fits perfectly. Home is the best description for these two!

    The “Other” Mother

  2. Kay says:

    Oh my goodness, God made something special when He made the two of you. What a precious life you are going to have. (And my grand babies are going to be beautiful! And they’ll probably look okay on the outside, too. )

  3. Cookie says:

    Most precious adoration of one another and resting in the treasure of sharing each stolen moment of time! This mom is ecstatic for the hope of your counted joys together!!!
    Love you!

  4. Michelle Williams says:

    Breathtaking! These pictures are amazing and you are just beautiful! I love you!!

  5. Nan Meadows says:

    BR —these are beautiful!! Each one captures your happiness!!’ So excited and happy for you guys!!! Xoxo – Nan

  6. Aren Watts says:

    I’m currently sitting on the couch, with a cup of coffee in one hand & tissues in the other.. Praise God for allowing me to have a first hand look at the divine love He has handcrafted between you two. It’s unique. It’s pure. It’s literally everything that represents Jesus’ love for us. Okay, now I’m getting more emotional. These are beautiful.

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