Southern Miss To The Top!


May 10, 2019

Hey Look Ma I Made It

If you’re looking for the best graduates that Southern Miss has to offer… Wait, we need to rephrase that. If you’re wanting to see the absolute BEST graduates in the country, well you’ve landed in the right place! And trust us when we say that you’re going to want to keep scrolling til you hit the end!!

Ya’ll we had the best time with these ladies! We walked, we talked, and we laughed (a lot), and y’all these ladies KILLED the giggle game! You know who you are ladies 😉 And in true Refuge fashion we had fun doing it all! Ya’ll got the world saying wow, and the guys saying break up with your boyfriend – did you catch that Arianna remix we made there?

We just love the emotions that come with graduation. There’s excitement of what’s to come. We mean no more studying for test, going to clinicals, writing your life away in research papers, and pulling all nighters for exams. Sounds pretty great, right?! And there may be some uncertainty about what’s to come. Embrace it. Chase the dream. Take it from two teachers who were unhappy in their jobs and now find ourselves living our dream of working together and capturing so many memories of love and joy and finally feeling like we are fulfilling the purpose we were made for! So don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they’re crazy enough. 😏

Life’s worth celebrating – and today we celebrate YOU! 🎉 All of your hard work has paid off and ya’ll we are SO PROUD of you!! Never forget that we’re here to be a Refuge for you whenever you need us 😊Until we see you again, you’ll find us over here, not so quietly cheering you on through life!

Enjoy the moment. Pop the champagne. Make the leap. Dance the dance.

College- thank you, next. — It’s time to go change the world.


Love and Big Hugs! (And SMTTT!)

Anna and Ryan

We hope your Refuge Experience will be Southern Memories you shall cherish, cheers to our graduates!!

xoxo 🤗😘 , Anna & Ryan

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