Historic Natchez Engagement Session and Engagement Party | Natchez, MS


May 21, 2019

You Found Me

Do you ever feel so excited and anxious that you have butterflies in your stomach? You know, when you know something good is about to happen and you’re so ready.. That’s the exact feeling that Anna and Wren had as they went running towards the Kappa Delta house on bid day, and those same butterflies were in our stomach when we received the much anticipated message from Wren- “I’m so excited to finally message y’all! Your pics are gorgeous and I’m gonna need your services!”- after Brock ran towards her with a ring (literally-see below 😂)! These two KD ladies went through college together at Southern Miss, & while they do have southern memories they shall cherish- nothing can compare to the honor of getting to capture Wren+Brock’s love story!! We’ve talked about this day coming for years but we could never had imagined how perfectly God would plan the timing for it to play out better than all of our dreams!  You see, Wren is the type of girl who not only deserves her dream man, but even more- she deserves the man of her prayers- and Brock, Brock is the answer to all of our prayers for our sweet friend and more! 🙌🏻

A Lifelong

Raise your hand if you like going for a jog? If you’re anything like us, you love some physical fitness. We are both former athletes and we love some friendly competition – so don’t be surprised to find us on wedding day showing our couple the backs of our cameras and convincing them that “mine is better” And I’m not going to lie, a good run is sometimes good for the soul. But running 13 miles, at once.. well you would find me down on my knees! 😰


And that’s exactly where Wren found Brock. It wasn’t the running that took her breath away in that moment, but the fact that her love was down on one knee, asking her to marry him! 💍And what we don’t even understand.. Wren was just as beautiful after running 13 miles as she’s ever been! I mean ladies, I don’t know about you but I look a hot mess after running to the mailbox! Much less a half marathon! But that shouldn’t surprise us at all because Wren has been the most beautiful bride to be – inside and out! Which also has been no surprise to us, because that’s just the type of friend Wren is! Wren is the friend who loves so big and is always there for you no matter what, and with an absolute genuine soul doesn’t ever expect anything in return! If the world were more like Wren it would be a better place for sure, we know we’re better people just because we get to call her friend! 🤗


Wren and Brock we had the best time with you at your Natchez engagement session and engagement party! From dancing along the Mississippi River, to walking in City Park, and strolling throughout the beautiful architecture that we found in Natchez, we got to witness the beautiful love that you two share! The love we still remember from the first moment of seeing you two together- Anna turning to Ryan with tear filled eyes (NOTE: Anna is not a cryer-we repeat, Anna is NOT a cryer) and saying “He’s the one for her! She deserves the world and he is going to give it to her!”  And from the giggle filled engagement session to the funnest engagement party of the century, we were shown time and time again, y’all are better together and the perfect example of a #RefugeCouple! It’s so obvious that everyone who meets you two loves you, and we are right there with them! ❤️

Wren and Brock – Colorado Here We Come

We absolutely can’t wait for January to get here so we can celebrate your wedding in the beautiful snow capped mountains of Colorado! 🏔 And after your Natchez Engagement Session, we know it won’t be the high altitude taking our breath away! We believe in experiences, and that’s exactly what your Destination Wedding is going to be.. the Experience of a lifetime! And we can’t even begin to explain to you two what an honor it is to have you choose us to experience this with you!

We’re so happy that we get to celebrate you two and cheer you on throughout your marriage! Always remember, you have a Refuge in us! We love you two!! Here’s to even more fun than you’ll see all through your scroll ahead with the best of friends! 🤗


Love and Big Hugs,

Anna and Ryan


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    Beautiful pictures! Wishing you both much love and happiness as you start your life together. I’m so happy for you both.

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