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May 21, 2019

Life’s Not Perfect

Big surprise, right? And neither was May 4th. You see we had been looking forward to May 4th like something serious. Like a crossfitter looks forward to the gym, like Taylor Swift looked forward to 22, and like a girl looks forward to getting that beautiful shiny ring on her left hand! We’re talking pumped for that day! And not only because we were hoping the 4th may be with us 😉 Because we knew the magical love we were going to see at our engagement session! Because what’s better than loving and marrying your best friend?

When It Rains

You see, May 4th was going to be the day we photographed Kate and Brett’s Starkville engagement session. And we just knew their engagement session was going to be so special! But it was – how do we say it, wet! It rained all day and all night. Once again – life’s not perfect and the rain really “dampened” our spirits to wake up yesterday morning and see our weather app saying it was going to be another rainy day. Talk about discouraging.. especially when we were both traveling for the session. Ya’ll, Brett and Kate travelled over 3 hours from Hattiesburg for their engagement session in Starkville.. so needless to say we were praying for some good weather.

The Perfect Bride

And even though we were rained out the first time and it was suppose to rain yesterday, you’re not going to see any rain in this session, not even the slightest drop. We’re so thankful for the God Wink that we got when the blue sky and perfect sunset pushed through the grey skies! And you need to prepare yourself.. because you’re about to see an enchanting, fairytale session! And we’re positive that even in a rainstorm, Kate’s images would have shined just as bright as they do! Because it wasn’t the sunset, it wasn’t the beautiful rolling fields of flowers, and it wasn’t the fact that we traveled back to where their love story began..

It’s because Kate loved each and every moment with the man of her dreams! We’re legit crying at the looks that we watched – full of pure love that Kate and Brett shared! In that moment it was so obvious that they’re in love with their best friend. It was so obvious that these two are a Refuge Couple!  This session reminded us that on the other side of a rainstorm comes a beautiful rainbow.

Vegas with The Vets

We were thrilled when Kate asked if we’d travel to Starkville because we’re always up for an adventure with our couples and so much of their story lives in Starkville. You see, Brett and Kate are both successful Veterinarians who studied at MSU! Brett works with large animals and Kate works with the smaller ones.. you know, so she doesn’t have to be kicked by another horse 😉 We connected on a whole new level because we’re both husband and wife teams in our work! 😊 We know Brett would rather catch a game at Davis Wade or the new Dude, but he killed this session for Kate! Because like a Refuge Groom, nothing is more important than his bride! Needless to say we fell in love with these two and our fur baby, Lulu, has found a new doctor- we just hope these two are ready for our diva- but we have no doubt Lulu is going to love Dr. Kate just as much as we do! 🐶

Bret and Kate

Photographing your engagement session yesterday was an absolute dream!  Like I literally woke up this morning and found myself singing Taylor Swift love songs to Anna – and I’m not even mad at it!!  😂 {You guys just wait until you scroll to see Kate kill some dance moves with not only her handsome groom but something else equally cute 🐴- she had us saying T.Swift, who?! 😉 } Starkville was the perfect place to celebrate you two – and it made us even more ready to spend wedding day with you two at the beautiful Dogwood Venue capturing more of your adorable love! Regardless if August 17th brings a harsh rainstorm or a beautiful sunset, we know you’re love will shine through! We love you two so much and we think there’s one way we can prove it.. Even though it hurts us so bad to say this, HAIL STATE! 😜

Love and Big Hugs,

Anna and Ryan


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