2019 Refuge Senior Recap | Hattiesburg, MS


May 25, 2019

Posing Out ✌️

If you’re wondering what a Refuge Senior looks like, you’ve landed in the perfect place! We’re so blessed to work with the absolute best seniors that there are. Like legit, the BEST!! And we may or may not be crying at the thought of these amazing young ladies and men walking across the graduation stage and heading off to college.. Parents, can you relate?! Tears, like all the tears!! But don’t you worry, after you scroll through these wonderful seniors we’re sure that you’re only going to be be right in the puddle of emotions with us at all the joy, beauty, and hope for our future you see in these amazing peeps! And if the tears just won’t stop flowing, always remember have a Refuge in us! (And Ryan’s crying along with you) 😉 

When Educators become Photographers

And for any of you that don’t know us personally – We’re Anna and Ryan and we are blessed to photograph the most amazing weddings and seniors each year! You’re right, we’re photographers who deliver timeless images, but it’s so much more than just pictures to us. You see, we believe in building relationships with our couples and seniors! And with our background being in education, connecting with, motivating, and inspiring young adults is something we always have felt led to do! So the Refuge Experience.. well you’ll just have to experience that for yourself to truly know- but we’re sure our seniors will agree, it’s more than timeless images, it’s an experience you’ll never forget, of moments you want to remember forever! 😊 

Why Refuge

When we were choosing our business name we wanted something that people could instantly identify and understand. And ya’ll, we hope that when you hear our names it brings so many good thoughts to your mind. But we didn’t want our business to be about us. We knew we wanted to serve a bigger purpose. We want to be a Refuge for you! ❤️ 

Class of 2019

We don’t even know where to start.. You guys walked in like the new kid on campus and stole our hearts! Hanging out and celebrating with you guys has given us so many great memories.. We’ve seen beautiful sunsets in Seaside, strolled through the streets of New Orleans (beignets – I’ll take 2), rode the Sea-doo in Big Bay, golfed in Canebrake, threw the football around with a High School All American, walked around your campus’ like we owned them, and traveled all over our beautiful home state with you (and you guys even wanted us at your senior parties too ❤️)! And in true Refuge fashion we had fun doing it all!! We just did a DNA test, turns out y’all 100% that class! (hope y’all caught that ‘Truth Hurts’ reference 😎) 

Okay Ladies, Now Let’s Get In Formation

Cause you slay! And not only because you have fresh photos with the bomb lighting 😏 You ladies have been the absolute sweetest this year and we just can’t even think back to all the fun we had without tearing up 😭  We want you to walk into this next stage of life just like you hit your Beyonce walk, Sasha Fierce style! We had the absolute best time getting to know what made each of you uniquely, you! Each of you hold such a special place in our hearts we’re so thankful that we got to know you! We received a message one day that read “thank y’all again for making us feel like princesses”… We’re not crying, you’re crying. Okay, who am i even kidding i’m over here crying my eyes out!😭  Ladies – each of you have beautiful senior pictures. But more than anything we hope that during your time with us you felt loved, you felt valued, and like the beautiful princess that you are. Never ever forget that! No matter what lie the world may tell, you are fearfully and beautifully made and we love you so much!

… and to the guys you know we couldn’t forget about you- you guys are just SO COOL! (insert Jonas Brothers “Cool” 🎵) We know every little thing that y’all do, y’all will continue to just be so cool 😎

Until Next Time

Because we don’t do goodbyes. We love you. College years are some best years. Take it all in and enjoy every minute, but know if you ever need a Refuge our DM’s are always open for you 🤗. We’re praying for each of you and will forever be not so silently in your corner always cheering you on (and reacting to your awesome insta stories 😂)! We can’t wait for all of the amazing things each of your future will bring (and we’re hoping we can hang out with you again and capture those special moments too 😉)!!

Are your Dreams Crazy Enough

We know you guys are about to change the world and we just feel so blessed that we have the privilege of being able to say that we don’t only know you but we love you!! We hope that we have inspired and impacted you at least half as much as each of you have inspired and impacted us!! And if you learned anything from your Refuge Experience we hope you always remember- it’s always okay to break a serious moment with laughter (just remember if a camera is capturing that giggle, chin up-and out- buttercup 😉), confidence is key (and feeling awkward is OKAY, actually it usually means you’re being the best version of YOU 😘),   and never let anyone tell you your dreams are too crazy (take it from us educators turned photographers, you should be asking them- are the crazy enough 😜). Live with passion and find your purpose- you were each made for such incredible things!! We hope your Refuge Experience was one of your favorite senior memories and that you enjoy looking back on these moments as much as we did- and as you scroll we hope you see we we can’t help but off-tune sing:

We promise that we’ll never find another like you-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh  ← (Ryan singing voice 🎤)

Our girl T Swift may say that you can’t spell awesome without me, but we’re saying that we can’t spell awesome without YOU!

Refuge Senior Class of 2019, THANK YOU for the mems- we’ll cherish them forever, Refuge Senior Class of 2020 you have a lot to live up to… “are you ready for it” 😏 🎶

Big Hugs and Lots of Love to each of you,

Anna & Ryan

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