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Jan 21, 2020

Secret Reveal

Hey friends! Ahhh we are so excited to finally share the secret that we’ve been keeping from you! 

You see, we’ve been dying to share this information with you for MONTHS! We’ve got our confetti cannons loaded, Alexa has the music turned up, the caffeine is flowing (thanks Java Moe’s!), and Ryan’s saying “horns.. And making this airhorn sound because we are so excited to share our secret! 

I can remember the moment when Anna walked in our bedroom and the look on her face… It was different. She was nervous, but excited. Anxious, but full of joy. I could tell that she wanted to talk to me about something. And what she said next.. Honestly I wasn’t prepared and didn’t know how to react. She was ready to share our secret and all I knew was that I was so happy! 

And friends, we are so excited to share that we have launched our brand new website, brand (Refuge by Anna & Ryan), and blog! 

What? You thought we were announcing there was going to be a #LittleLeonard?? Not yet 😉  

A Refuge for You

You see, we’ve poured so much energy into our new online home. Because to us, this isn’t simply a website. Just like Refuge isn’t simply photography. We started Refuge because that’s exactly what we want to be for everyone that we’re blessed to work with. A constant source of love and encouragement, making women feel loved, valued, and beautiful inside and out. Because YOU, you are. It may be our backgrounds in coaching, but we absolutely love getting to come alongside you and be your biggest cheerleaders. Whoa.. that wasn’t planned, but I think we’ll leave that here.

Now where were we? Oh yea… we’ve poured so much energy into our new online home! And nothing that you see would be possible without the sweetest soul and insanely talented Emmy de León Jones!! Emmy is a designer who’s talent speaks for itself and has designed for clients such as Anthropologie! Yes ladies, ANTHRO! Emmy created our beautiful new online home and working with her has been such an amazing experience! Someone once told Anna, “I swear rainbows must be in the toilet when you finish!”, and we feel the exact same way about Emmy! Emmy is such a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful soul! She took our Showit website and created a place where we can celebrate life and love with others! Emmy, thank you so much for all your work, conversations, and listening to Ryan go on and on 😉 You’ve given us a place that we will be able to love and serve others, and we are so so thankful! 

Refuge has come so far, so quickly. On January 1st, 2018 we made our first Instagram Post, while we were still full time teachers and coaches with a dream of being full time wedding photographers, together. Ryan was coming home late after coaching football and meetings to email brides while Anna was editing far past midnight, every night of the week. We had a dream and we chased after it with all we had. Our brand has transformed since then and we’ve been able to serve over 90 brides and two associate photographers who have witnessed this change! We knew it was time to have a website, our online home, reflect where we are professionally! 

Our hearts are so full and we’re so thankful to have you celebrating with us! We’re truly at a loss and all we know to say is- Thank You! Thank you for following along with our journey. Thank you for liking our post, commenting the most thoughtful words, and for swiping up to so many stories and celebrating life and love with us! You’ve trusted us, told your sorority sisters about us, you’ve told your friends they need Refuge at their wedding, you’ve been present with us! And many of you have supplied our caffeine! #TheRealMVP


There are so many people who played a role in our new home, and we’re so grateful. Hailey and Lauren, thank you two for being so amazing. We’re so proud of how you both desire to love and serve others and we are so thankful to have you on our team! You’re going to be a Refuge for so many and impact lives! You’ve seen firsthand the love and time that has went into our rebrand and website, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you ladies soon! 

Thank you to our friends Erica+Jon and Shauna and Jordon for giving us images that we are SO proud of and showcase the love that we share together! Your talent and work speaks for itself, but the experience that you provide your clients is unlike anything we had ever witnessed! You’ve given us memories of each other that will last a lifetime and we can never say thank you enough for that! As we try to tell you what you mean to us, words fail us. We are so grateful for you and your friendship and we’re so thankful that Amy and Jordan and that little app Instagram brought us together! Amy and Jordan, when we told you that you two changed the trajectory of our lives, we meant it with everything we have. You two have made such an impact on us, and because of you we’ve been able to touch so many other lives! We can’t wait to see you in November at United! 

Until Next Time

So, the secret is out (well, the first part at least) and you can share it with anyone you like! This is us, Refuge by Anna and Ryan. 2019 gave us portraits in Florida and Arizona and these are some of our absolute favorites! Here’s to celebrating love in 2020 and seeing where this year takes us! 

We’re so glad that you’re here and thank you again for following along! Grab a cup of coffee and spend some time looking around. It’s our prayer that you feel at home, and see that life and love are worth celebrating! Oh, and don’t mind all the confetti, that’s just us cheering you on!

Love and Big Hugs,

Anna and Ryan

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