We’re Moving to Rosemary Beach, Florida!


Jul 20, 2020

Rosemary Beach, Florida

You read that right, we’re moving to Rosemary Beach, Florida!

Insert Confetti Cannons

Hey friends! If you’ve been following along with us on Instagram, you know we’ve been holding on to some big news and taking all kinds of secret trips to Rosemary Beach! We told our family, we told our brides, we told our seniors, and now we’ve told you – so the secret is out! We’re moving to Rosemary Beach!  That’s right, our trip to The Pearl Hotel, wasn’t simply for rest and relaxation.. But let’s be honest – it’s hard not to feel relaxed when you’re in paradise! 

Destination Wedding Photographers

So you’re probably wondering, “What? Where in the world did this come from?”  I think we could probably answer your question by using Ryan’s words when he talks about the beach.. “I feel like God created me for this. Like He created me with a desire and longing to be near the ocean. I feel His presence so closely when I’m by the ocean, and while I watch the waves crash into shore it reminds me of how His love never stops coming for me. The palm trees make me feel joy and peace, it’s my happy place. It’s like I’m where I’m supposed to be”!

And guys, it’s so clear that Rosemary Beach, Florida is exactly where we’re meant to live! As destination wedding photographers, we travel all over the world to celebrate and capture the beautiful love our couples share. The work we’re blessed to do is so amazing and we feel so grateful! So grateful that it doesn’t seem fair to call it “work”.  So we decided that it was time we live in a place that we’re passionate about, a place that inspires us, a place that is a Refuge for us! And that place for us is 30A! If you ask us, it’s the hidden gem of America and we are so excited to call it home! We’re already so excited to celebrate new couples that we’ll meet there and welcome our current couples into our home! 

Since we travel so much, it’s only fitting that we made the decision to move while on an airplane during our flight home from photographing one of our amazing couples’ engagement session in Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia! We’ve gotten comfortable flying and traveling in for sessions, and there’s nowhere too far for us to travel for one of our couples! So even though we will be based out of Rosemary Beach Florida, we will continue serving couples all over the world! 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

And the best part?? Our amazing Photography Team Alexis and Lauren are still going to be based out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi! That’s right, Refuge will have a team based in Rosemary Beach, Florida and Hattiesburg, Mississippi! Alexis and Lauren will still be loving, serving, and providing an unforgettable experience for amazing Refuge Couples and Refuge Seniors in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and all over the Southeast! Alexis and Lauren are two amazing women that are a dream team when they are together! We’ve watched them grow into such talented photographers that deliver beautiful imagery, and what makes us most proud is how humbly they love and serve!

We’re so grateful for you Alexis and Lauren and you both amaze us! We’re so proud of how your hearts desire to love and serve others and we are so thankful to have you on our team! We’re so excited to continue watching you both love and serve your couples and deliver them images that they’ll treasure for years to come!

A Refuge for You

Refuge isn’t simply photography. We started Refuge because that’s exactly what we want to be for everyone that we’re blessed to work with. A constant source of love and encouragement, making women feel loved, valued, and beautiful inside and out. Because YOU are. It may be our backgrounds in coaching, but we absolutely love getting to come alongside you and be your biggest cheerleaders. And 30A, we’re bringing that to you!

Our hearts are so full and we’re so thankful to have you celebrating with us! We’re truly at a loss and all we know to say is- Thank You! Thank you for following along with our journey. Thank you for liking our post, commenting the most thoughtful words, and for swiping up to so many stories and celebrating life and love with us! You’ve trusted us, told your sorority sisters about us, you’ve told your friends they need Refuge at their wedding, you’ve been present with us! And many of you have supplied our caffeine! #TheRealMVP’s

So, the secret is out and you can share it with anyone you like! Anna and Ryan are moving to Rosemary Beach, Florida! 

A New Beginning

P.S. Oh photographers, Stay tuned because you’ll want to be the first to know what this new beginning in Rosemary Beach is bringing for you!

Love and Big Hugs,

Anna and Ryan



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