Magical Disney World Family Session


Nov 21, 2021

The Most Magical Place On Earth

If you know Anna, you know she is in love with all things Disney. It’s safe to say that a part of Anna’s heart belongs to Disney while a big part belongs to our Refuge Bride’s and their amazing families. So you can imagine Anna’s excitement when the opportunity popped up to help surprise the sweetest refuge family in the most magical place on earth!

The Mission

Last year we were wanting so bad to celebrate with this amazing family for Shelby and Jake’s wedding. But our most dreaded issue caused us not to be able to- we were already booked on their date! So when Shelby reached out to us again to see if there was any way we could help her with a BIG surprise for her mom we just HAD to make it work because we couldn’t miss out on another opportunity to celebrate with this amazing family!

So operation “Surprise ‘mama Dana’ when she actually has ALL of her family and is in the Happiest Place on Earth with a family Sesh from her favorite photographers” became a plan- and friends we can finally share with you, that plan played out perfectly!

It’s true what they say- DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

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